Our Environment

                          We respect our environment, and we're committed to being an industry leader in its protection and stewardship.

                          Reducing Emissions

                          For decades, NextEra Energy has been reducing emissions through the development of renewable energy and modernization of its generation fleet. The company’s new goal is to reduce its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions rate 67% by 2025, from a 2005 baseline. This equates to a nearly 40% reduction in absolute COemissions, despite the company’s total expected electricity production almost doubling over that time. NextEra Energy expects to periodically update its CO2 emissions goal as it continues to execute on its strategy of being a leading clean energy infrastructure company.*

                          Environmental Stewardship 

                          We're committed to being an industry leader in environmental protection and stewardship. Our Environmental Policy establishes our core environmental expectations and provides actionable guidance for all employees as we strive to foster a culture of environmental excellence and challenge ourselves to continuously improve. Everyone at NextEra Energy understands that protecting the environment is a collective responsibility. It's why our senior executives are actively involved in our environmental accountability, management and stewardship programs that are intended to:

                          • Design, construct, operate and maintain our facilities in an environmentally sound and responsible manner.
                          • Prevent pollution, minimize waste and conserve natural resources.
                          • Avoid, minimize and/or mitigate impacts to habitat and wildlife.
                          • Engage local stakeholders and environmental agencies.
                          • Support local environmental education, conservation and research projects though NextEra Energy Foundation giving. 
                          RENEWABLE ENERGY

                          We're the world's largest generator of wind and solar energy.

                          NextEra Energy solar renewable energy
                          RENEWABLE ENERGY
                          AIR AND WATER

                          We're committed to reducing our impact on air and water.

                          Pennsylvania Mill Run Wind Energy Center
                          AIR AND WATER
                          WILDLIFE AND HABITAT

                          We're committed to the protection of wildlife.

                          Turtle swmming
                          WILDLIFE AND HABITAT
                          WASTE MANAGEMENT

                          We're minimizing our waste footprint.

                          FPL aste management employee
                          WASTE MANAGEMENT

                          *Achievement of the CO2 emissions goals will be dependent on many factors, including, but not limited to, future technology development, governmental policy and mergers and acquisitions.

                          *Please note that the environmental attributes of NextEra Energy's electric generating facilities have been or likely will be sold or transferred to third parties, who are solely entitled to the reporting rights and ownership of the environmental attributes, such as renewable energy credits, emissions reductions, offsets, allowances and the avoided emission of greenhouse gas pollutants.

                          *All metrics in this section are as of year-end 2018 unless otherwise noted.